WILMINGTON, Del. -- The Estate Registry, an innovation created by Phillips & Cohen Associates, the global leader in deceased account care management and technology solutions, has acquired Settld, the Sunderland-based death notification business designed to create a more consumer focused solution for those tasked with estate administration.

The Estate Registry delivers a fully comprehensive suite of modern technology services, including NotifyNOW, LegacyNOW and InheritNOW to support consumers and organizations that are responsible for managing the process of maintaining and finalizing estate administration work, including lawyers, solicitors, trust and insurance companies, and creditors with both pre and post probate need.

The award-winning NotifyNOW is a pioneering digital platform that streamlines the process of notifying companies about the death of one of their customers. Already operating in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, NotifyNOW aims to become the centralized service for the bereaved and their representatives to efficiently inform all relevant organizations of an individual's death.

The acquisition of Settld, one of the top 25 of Britain’s 100 best start-ups, will accelerate this ambition. Settld, founded in 2020, specializes in simplifying bereavement administration and mirrors The Estate Registry’s customer led focus. By coupling NotifyNOW and Settld together, The Estate Registry will create the preeminent private sector solution for death notifications in the UK.

Adam Cohen, Executive Chairman of The Estate Registry, says that The Estate Registry and Settld share the same compassionate focus: “We are both committed to making the bereavement process easier and more streamlined for the bereaved and the professionals who support them,” he explains. 

“Notification is critical, but it is the beginning and not the end of the process,” he continues. “By integrating our two platforms, we offer an even greater notification solution, while providing a suite of critical products and services to our customers and partners.”

Settld Co-Founder and CEO, Vicky Wilson, says Settld will be more effective as part of a much wider group: “My mission has always been to make the bereavement process easier and less stressful, during what can be an incredibly emotional and challenging time. With the force of The Estate Registry behind us, and working with a compassionate and like-minded team, we can continue to grow and reach more people, not only in the UK but also internationally in a way that would not have been possible on our own.”

Vicky will stay with the business and join the global executive leadership team of The Estate Registry. Settld’s team of full-time employees will also transfer to The Estate Registry.

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