The number of channels consumers use is increasing rapidly, so an omnichannel collections strategy is now a necessity, not a luxury. But launching a real omnichannel strategy can be difficult, especially if you’re new to digital collections.

There are complications, like adding new technology to support your strategy, understanding the regulations for each contact method, and creating a tailor-made plan to contact consumers based on their preferences. 

Check out this 1 hour webinar, where a panel of experts who have successfully launched an omnichannel strategy will discuss how to align your operations to support an omnichannel strategy, how to integrate consumer preferences and demographics into your customer outreach, and the regulations and best practices you must understand to keep your strategy compliant. 

This webinar features Dave Hall, Executive Vice President at Halsted Financial, Tracy Bengston, Vice President at Ad Astra Recovery Services, Loly Sosa, Associate at Actuate Law, and Jenna Muñoz, Senior Product Manager at Neustar, a TransUnion Company.

This webinar was brought to you by Neustar, A TransUnion Company.